Monday, July 24, 2006

Lets Talk about It!

Talk about Cancer is a project originated by Sharon Saunders a Preschool Teacher at a Christian school in Georgia and Shell Lewis a Lecturer and Writing Tutor Coordinator at Brooklyn College’s Learning Center in New York City. When their mother succumbed to Colon Cancer after a rigorous yet brief battle with the disease, siblings, Mrs. Saunders and Ms. Lewis, vowed to continue to fight in their mother’s stead. The sisters decided that the most effective way to pay tribute to their mother would be to create an inspirational (non-fiction) book authored by Cancer survivors.

Hello, my sister and I would appreciate your participation in this project. We understand just how life altering this disease can be and we want to do something about it. It was hard to watch our mother suffer. If we could have picked up some blunt object and attacked the disease, we would have. But how can you fight Cancer? It doesn’t appear in physical form. It’s not an animate object that we can physically attack with the same level of aggression and intensity with which it strikes its victims. Money is needed to help healthcare practitioners find a cure and peace of mind is needed for the direct and indirect victims of the disease. This is what we want to do. We want to donate a portion of the proceeds from the book to a Cancer organization and offer victims peace of mind with artistic expression.

Talk about Cancer: Call for Submissions!

We are presently accepting submissions for an inspirational book authored by Cancer survivors. Whether your prose is inspired by biblical text, written in poetic, narrative, comparative or any other of the expository forms, you can have your work published while honoring your loved one. We are looking for testimonials from Cancer patients and families of Cancer patients, and possibly doctors of said patients who are willing to add their comments and opinions to the compilation. A percentage of revenues from this book will be donated to an organization specializing in Cancer research to further educate oncologists, physicians, and other healthcare practitioners on methods of treatment. All chosen entries will appear under the name of respective authors and serve as a means of consolation for all survivors. As we are creating a compilation, we ask that all entries be no more than 3000 words and sent as a double spaced, word attachment with “submission” written in the subject line.

Please send all submissions/inquires to

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