Saturday, September 11, 2010

Funny Folks ...

People are real funny. 
You'd think that your friends would be happy for you when you're productive, that they'd be supportive and encouraging when your productivity proves to be fruitful.

I have never attempted to discourage any of my friends from pursuing their dreams or have frowned upon their pursuits. If I ever have, then please forgive me. With both drive and determination, there isn't anything that you cannot accomplish. You just have to be smart about it and do your research so that you can truly reap the rewards of your work.

Whether they be friends, acquaintances, or family, you will have some haters. You'll have folks who will try their best to poison your mind with words of discouragement, while mimicking your actions for their personal gain. It's really amazing to observe, really.

But, like my mother always told me, if you have a devoted band of dismissive copycats, then you're doing something right!


Shelisa said...

Who has been hating on my Shell? Perhaps your accomplishments remind some of what they are lacking in their lives. They need to be happy for you and try to improve themselves!

TalkaboutCancer said...

It's not so much blatant hating; just funny and odd behavior with sarcasm on the side.