Monday, November 28, 2011

Thank You!

I am almost there. It has been five years and the holidays are regaining their gleam. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years haven’t really been the same. My birthday has, likewise, been a bit lackluster, too! I am a Thanksgiving baby! So the holiday has had the effect of being doubly depressing. Since my mother’s passing, I haven’t wanted to trim a tree or anything of the sort. 

Spending the holidays with family, my siblings and aunt (my mother’s sister), has become my means of coping. One should definitely be with friends and family during the holidays, even more so when a loved one is deceased. This Thanksgiving/birthday, I had the pleasure of dinning with the Archbold clan. It was a wonderful meal with good company for which I am grateful. I owe a lot to the Archbolds, specifically Kenneth Archbold. I can honestly say that I am feeling a bit more enthusiastic about the Christmas season. Time does heal all wounds but the wounds heal with fewer blemishes when one is genuinely loved and supported during those difficult and teary-eyed moments of grief and pain. Thank you Kenneth Archbold for making the holidays a little brighter!

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