Monday, July 19, 2010

A Grandmother

While seated on the Staten Island ferry on Saturday morning, a hoard of tourists snapped shots of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis island and the city skyline. I snagged a seat on the observation deck, which quickly filled with spectators of every domination and creed. From amongst the crowd, I spotted the cutest little girl in a blue stripped sun dress and pink flip-flops; she was watching a nearby family snap shots of the Statue of Liberty as the ferry neared Manhattan.

I wasn’t too sure what had attracted her to the family but as she inched closer and closer toward them, I noticed that she was looking off at the figure in the distance behind them. She wanted a clearer view of lady liberty and as if on cue, a older woman appeared and lifted the young girl up into her arms and whispered into her ear. There was an undeniable family resemblance, so I assumed that the woman was the young girl’s grandmother.

I couldn't help but smile as the young girl let her head fall onto her grandmother’s shoulder as her body sunk into her arms. It was such a genuine display of affection, this little girl trusting that she was in secure hands.

I began to wonder who my daughter would resemble. Would she be the splitting image of me, a combination of both me and her father? Would she resemble my mother?

I was also a little envious. My daughter will not get the chance to meet her grandmother. I’m aware that my child will have two sets of grandparents, so I shouldn’t feel the way that I do. She will still have the chance to do all the things that a granddaughter is supposed to do with her grandparents, like being held snugly in her grandmother’s arms in route to Manhattan while on the Staten Island Ferry. Nevertheless, the site was bitter sweet.


Shelisa said...

Lovely, just lovely.

TalkaboutCancer said...

Thank you,dear. I figured you'd understand.

Ken said...

I think love is a generational thing that your beautiful daughter will understand, coming from her grandmother or her mother.

TalkaboutCancer said...

@Ken, I agree. Love is definitely a generational thing.

TalkaboutCancer said...

*sight not site. I guess I am not proof reading enough... LOL!