Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Are You a Skutter Butt?

For the past few weeks, I've watched as folks have been inconsiderate, rude, nasty etc, and I wonder where the devil they've picked up such shameful habits?  My mother made sure to teach myself and my siblings how to say “thank you” and to be polite and mindful of others' space and time.

I hate to say it, but some New Yorkers can be disgusting, just really nasty; these folks are skutter butts, (skank + gutter + @ss).  Are ... you ... a ... skutter ... butt?

Don't get me wrong.  No one is perfect.  I too at times am guilty of not saying "thank you" amongst committing other social offenses.  I am fully aware of the oversight(s) and am making every effort to extend my gratitude when the situation calls for it, but I really wonder if folks are conscious of their mishaps.

Can one be such a skutter butt that he isn't even aware of his skutter butt ways?

Consider the middle aged woman who resides in my complex.  For the past couple of weeks, we have both taken the same bus home from the Staten Island ferry terminal and have both exited the bus at the same stop, walking almost with the same stride toward the complex's back gate. Once we have neared the gate, she has proceeded to take out her keys and has swiped herself in, holding the door for me.  Naturally, out of common courtesy, I have said, "thank you." She has merely let the gate go and has proceeded to walk toward her building not even looking back to acknowledge my comment.

I was almost certain that she disliked me, but it just so happened that the next day one of my neighbors (Jan) happened to get off the bus as well.  Jan too said "thank you" only to receive no response.

The guilty party is a chronic repeat offender. I have watched as she has committed the same offense over and over again.  Is she aware that she is a skutter butt? Given the frequency in which she neglects to say "thank you,"  it is fair to say no. 

On countless occasions, I have observed some of the females from the company that shares office space with the organization that I work for use and then exit the bathroom without washing their hands.  Someone from the company even brings what appears to be a washcloth into the stall and when she is done leaves the damp cloth balled up on the floor directly underneath the toilet.  Highly unsanitary, ya’ll and simply gross!

All of them may not fit the description but a select few are, without a doubt, skutter butts who are repeat offenders. Again, are they aware of their skutter butt ways?  Hmmmmm...

There was an attractive young Asain girl riding on the same Manhattan bus as myself in route to the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.  When the bus had reached her requested stop, she began to make her way through the crowd, her cardigan dropping to the floor in her hast.  A kind passenger picked up the cardigan.  With a warm smile, he handed it back to its rightful owner who snatched the cardigan from his hands, turned around, and proceeded to exit the bus.

She is a skutter butt.

Please be sure to thank the person who, despite the early morning weekday rush, is kind enough to place a hand or foot in front of the door so you can board the train.

If a young man or woman compliments your hair, clothes, even your toes (compliments them in a non-offensive manner), smile and say “thank you.”

If a random stranger, smiles or attempts to strike up a conversation, do not assume that the individual is a nut who is up to no good.  You may very well be looking at your future husband or wife.  Do not be rude.

Do not be a skutter butt.


Shelisa said...

You need to move to Oregon. Everyone there is sweet as pie.

Shelisa said...

And I am no skutter butt, but I find myself acting like one when I am in an environment that encourages the behavior.

Ken said...

It's a common stereotype among New Yorkers that I have to say is mostly true (in terms of population). We're either too busy to show any gratitude or manners or even worse in some cases people views acts of random kindness as acts of hostility (aka schizophrenia) which a lot of people tend to do. I myself take the initiative to say hello to strangers who pass my way and they act as if I'm below them... go figure..

Prasenjit said...

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. ~Oscar Wilde