Thursday, October 10, 2013


My mother always told me to be mindful of who I call a friend.  Folks often call acquaintances or associates friends without considering what a friend really is.  So, what is a friend?

I have been fortunate enough to have friends who have provided the shoulders upon which I have cried, who have been honest even when the truth hurt like hell, who are ready with the getaway car, black masks, and machetes, who have encouraged me to take risks, who have told me to just be easy and who, after weeks or even months of little to no conversation, manage to nestle themselves into my life as if no time had lapsed.

I have observed as others have taken their friendships for granted, foolishly allowing long lasting bonds to break under the weight of their own pride or haughtiness.  Granted friends can grow apart; there are also instances in which a friendship can be unhealthy; give some thought to the dissolution of your friendships and consider if it was really worth letting go.   

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